P0025 Nut & Screw Vehicle

 is Nut & Screw Vehicle?

The Nut & Screw Vehicle Toy Set is an excellent fine motor skill activity set especially if you have little ones who is fond of transportation!

The Nut & Screw Vehicle Toy Set comes in a set of three toys, train, plane and motorcycle. Each set of the vehicle comes with a set of nuts and bolts in various colours and also respective spanners. This set is suitable for children from the age of 2 years old. This educational toy not only promotes both fine motor and gross motor development but also logical thinking to solve issues as to how to assemble or dissemble the vehicle. Children can also work together to solve the issues which builds social and communication skills through play.

JULY PROMOTION -   RM12 FOR 1 pc AND RM30 FOR SET OF 3. (colours are randomly given out).

·       Age Range: 2- 7 years old 
·       Product Dimensions: +- Please refer to the respective photos.

·       Shipping Weight: +- 150g (per piece)

RM 12.00 Add to Cart

does Nut & Screw Vehicle helps my child?

Help your children to strengthen their small muscles, especially in movements usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers. 
Help your children coordinate the movement of the eyes and movement of the hands.


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