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P0016 DIY Alphabet Craft Set

is DIY Alphabet Craft?

Finally~! Now you can DIY alphabets craft with your little one without spending times to looks for ideas and materials, just unpack our DIY Alphabet Craft Set and start playing with your little one.

DIY Alphabet makes learning alphabet fun. The activity not only let the children learn to recognize the letter, but also let them familiar with the shapes of the alphabet before they learn how to write it. In addition, children are expose to different sensory skill such as pull, paste, cut and touching different type of material while making the alphabet.

The set include:
- 26 Alphabet Cards (No cutting required) 
- 1 Packet of Pom Pom 
- 1 Packet of Googly Eyes 
- 1 Roll of Yawn 
- 1 Manual .

Age Range: 3 - 8 years old Product Dimensions: 22cm*26cm Shipping Weight: +- 400g Instruction:Pull out the alphabet carefully from alphabet cardPaste the alphabet and add some material to makes it into different shapes. Manual is provided for you to refer.We suggest you paste t…

P0015 - Transparent Geoboard

is Transparent Geoboard?

Geoboard is a fun way to learn math ~! It offer great opportunities for children to have hands-on exploration of geometric concepts, including shapes, area, symmetry, coordinates and etc. This transparent geoboard make the geoboard activities even more interesting. 

Transparent geoboard can be played on top of a light table, or white papar that have lines and shapes. It will be much easier for a beginner to learn by tracing the lines on the bottom. Colourful rubber band will be provided to allowed the children immediately start playing and creating different shapes.Nurturing your child's creativity while playing! .
Age Range: 4 - 8 years old Product Dimensions: 20cm*20cm Shipping Weight: +- 100g Instruction:Making different shapes or object by using the rubber band. Colourful rubber band included.For younger children, parent could print out shapes and put under the geoboard for them to trace.
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does Transparent Geoboa…