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P0013 - Alphabet Recognition Puzzle (Out of Stock)

is Alphabet Recognition Puzzle?

Alphabet Recognition Puzzle is a double-sided card that consist of 26 upper case alphabet letters. The front of the card printed with animal having the beginning sound of the letter while the back of the puzzle showing how to write the letter.

Children can recognize the letters by matching the shape of the letters with the notch on the cards. In the same time, they will learn the name of the animal.In addition, you can teach your child how to write the letter by following the writing guide at the back of the card. 

The colourful image and 3D solid wooden alphabet for sure will interested your little one.
Age Range: 2 - 5 years old Product Dimensions: 22cm*19cm Shipping Weight: +- 600g Instruction:Match the wooden alphabet with the notch on the cards.Learn how to write the letter by following the guide behind the cards.Children also may learn spelling by put together the alphabets.
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does Alphabet Recognition Puzzle help …