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H0005 - [HANDMADE] Velcro Craft-stick Challenge Game

is Velcro Craft-stick?

Velcro craft stick is a very open-ended activity that encourages critical thinking and creativity. Kids can use them to create shapes , objects and even alphabets. Some times low tech activities is great for kids as it keep them occupied and beneficial to learning.Velcro craft-sticks is one of the popular busy bags for western parents especially during travel. It can be played during road trip or planes.

No worries if you do not know how to start the games, as we already prepared and included a challenge game in the busy bags. Follow the instructions in the challenge game to come out with some basic shape and ask the kids to create their own shape, who knows they might give you great surprised. .
Age Range: 2 - 6 years old Product Dimensions: 23cm*17cm Shipping Weight: +- 300g Instruction:Follow the image in the card to create the shapes by using the Velcro craft stick. There are three stages which including shapes, object and alphabet challenges.
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FREEBIE: X'mas Tree Pom Pom Colour Matching Template

Jingle bell ... jingle bell .. jingle all the way ~~~ Ho ho ho ~! 
The wonderful X'mas season is just around the corner, we would like to wish every Merry X'mas ~! 
We are giving out free X'mas Tree Pom Pom Colour Matching template. Just download the picture and print it out. You can play by reusing the pom pom included in 2 in 1 colour matching game.
Enjoy ~~!

P0010 - The Rain Formation Activities Pack

is The Rain Formation Activities Pack?

The Rain Formation Activities Pack is a mixture of science, math, literacy, fine motor and even art activities. There are in total of 5 activities in one pack, where each of it serves different purpose.

(1) Rain Formation Ornament- Children can learn the changes in the weather and rain formation cycle by doing this artwork. They also learn how to thread when combining the different pieces provided to produce the ornament, which become a practice for fine motor skill.
(2) The Water Cycle - Parent can further explain the water cycle and the name of each process by using the diagram provided. Children can memorize better with simple and colourful image.
(3) Rain Drop Counting Game - Counting practice let children have understanding of the amount each numeral represents.
(4)Weather Vocabulary Matching Game - Help them understand the weather vocabulary by pairing it up with related pictures.
(5) Rainbow Colouring Game - Children can also learn number reco…