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P0018 - Finger Puppet [SOLD OUT]

is Finger Puppet?

Finger Puppet is a good material to use for pretend play, story telling and singing time as it encourage creativity and imagination. It also help to build up the concentration span especially for stories time as the movement of the puppets could attract their attention.

Parent can teach the children on family members through Family puppet while Animal puppet is good for introducing animals. The learning process become more lively and cultivate children ability to think.

The puppet that made by fabric is very soft and safe. It is suitable for children even for baby.

Come with 2 designs:
(A) Family Puppet
(B) Animal Puppet

RM18 each set

Age Range: 6 months - 4 years old Product Dimensions: 8cm*6cm each puppetShipping Weight: +- 50g Instruction:Wear the puppet on the fingers Tell stories or sing songs while moving the puppet
RM 18.00Add to CartQuantity: AVAILABLE
does Finger Puppet help your child?

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[CLOTH BOOK SERIES]P0017 - 3D Animal Tails Cloth Book

is 3D Animal Tails Cloth Book?

3D Animal Tails Cloth Book is a charming book that uses animal tails as a theme. The tails of the animals form up by different type of materials, which give exposure to you children sensory development. Feeling and touching the material deepen the impression of your children towards the animal and will also help them to memorize easier.

The fabric material is comfortable, soft, foldable and easy to clean. It is especially suitable for toddlers.

The clothes book come with two different design:
(A) Jungly Tails
(B) Farm Tails

Only RM32 each.

Age Range: 6 months - 4 years old Product Dimensions: 21cm*11cm Shipping Weight: +- 100g Instruction:Read the animal name to your little one Encourage your little one to touch and feel the tails of the animalDescribe on the animal or mimic the sound of the animal to your little one
RM 32.00Add to CartQuantity: AVAILABLE
does 3D Animal Tails Cloth Book help your child?

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