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P0014 - Colourful Water Beads

is Colourful Water Beads?

We always wanted to introduce sensory bin as it was a great way for the children to play, create and explore~! A sensory bin is as simple as fill in a container with preferred filler but it promotes a lot of benefit. It was one of the most popular learn through playing mechanism for western parents.

Colourful Water Beads is an interesting material to use for sensory bin.Colorful, smooth, squishy and cool, children will be exciting to touch and feel.Different colour of water beads can make into different theme of sensory bin. E.g. Blue water beads as Ocean Theme sensory bin, green water beads as Nature Theme sensory bin or red color as Love Theme sensory bin. Of course, we can mixed the colour to make it a colourful sensory bin.  

Come with 4 sacks in a pack, so you can choose to play with single colour or mixed colours. The colour in pack are random.

Age Range: 4 - 10 years old Shipping Weight: +- 50g Instruction:Place the water beads into a containerPour in wa…