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[NEW!]S001- CNY Sensory Bin

is CNY Sensory bin?

Looking for some activities for your little ones to do while you are busy preparing for the reunion dinner? Look no further as you had come to the right place! This year, MyCreativeBaobei had come out with our first ever sensory bin. The CNY Sensory bin is a bin with numerous plays. We included yarn as the bin fillers, pom-pom, hand sewn fishes and sticky rice cake, traditional chop sticks with covers, laminated pintables and many more! It is a bin with sensory, fine motor, practical life skills, math, literacy, colour and also art activities which are all related to Chinese New Year. It’s a bin with different activities targeting different plays.

So what is a sensory bin? A sensory bin is a container or a box filled with any kind of tactile material that children explore with their hands. Children can use their senses such as sight, touch and smell to experience and learn in their environment. Sensory play is also known to promote relaxation, creativity and engag…