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P0029 - Mandarin Introductory Reading Cards

is Mandarin Introductory Reading Cards?

The Mandarin Introductory Reading Cards is a useful tool to introduce mandarin characters to your child. Having one side of the card explaining how did the mandarin character evolved or developed in pictorial form helps to ease the child’s recognition of the characters.
There are 140 pcs of reading cards printed in colour and double sided.
·Age Range: 2- 7 years old  ·Product Dimensions: +- Please refer to the respective photos. ·Shipping Weight: +- 300g 
RM 25.00Add to CartQuantity: AVAILABLE

P0028 - Shape Pack

is Shape Pack?

The shape pack comprised of the following:-        (a)Shape sticker art (non- reusable) with random designs;       (b)3 pcs of foam shapes for lacing (comes in set of 3 of random colours and there are 90 pcs of    individual small shapes);        (c)3 shoelaces (for lacing of the individual small shapes); and        (d)3 pipe cleaners (for threading of the individual small shapes).
Children can learn shapes, colour matching, practice fine motor skills with shapes sticker art, lacing and also threading activities.
·Age Range: 2- 7 years old 
·Shipping Weight: +- 200g 
RM 15.00Add to CartQuantity: AVAILABLE