[SOLD OUT] P0007 - Xmas Paper Art Craft

is Xmas Paper Art Craft?

X-mas Paper Art Craft is a fun activity for the child to enjoy during Christmas season. This activity helps the child to practice fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The colorful papers attract the child's attention and build up the concentration time-span. Parents can have fun with the child through this activity. After the child done with the paper art, parents can frame it at hang on the wall. This will help the child to feel proud and build up his/her confident.

Doing interesting art may helps children to reduce time spend on television, computer or tablet. It is also a good activity to enhance relationship if parent could join in together. Packaging of Xmas Paper Art Craft made it easily to bring along while traveling or dining out. It is also a great choice to be included in birthday packs or as an art work in kindergarten.

Come with 2 designs:
 A - Rudolf 
 B - Snowman
Kindly specify the code either (A) or (B) in your order form.

  • Product Code: P0007 
  • Age Range: 3 - 10 years old 
  • Product Dimensions: 22cm*19.5cm 
  • Shipping Weight: +- 100g 
  • Instruction:
    • Peel off the paper from the cardboard
    • Take a piece of color paper to knead it to form a round shape
    • Stick the round shape paper onto the sticky cardboard
    • ** Glue is not needed 

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does Xmas Paper Art Craft helps my child?

Train your children in coordination of small muscle movements especially fingers
Help your children coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement
Help your children in building longer concentration time-span


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