P0006 - 3D Felt Sticker [SOLD OUT]

is 3D Felt Sticker?

3D Felt Sticker is using bright color felts to form a picture. The felt gone through laser engraving cutting process, which made the art work looks more real especially with the vibrant colors. Making the felt sticker not only helps to train children motor skills, it's also helps to build up the concentration time-span as children will be easily attracted by colorful stuff.

Doing interesting art may helps children to reduce time spend on television, computer or tablet. It is also a good activity to enhance relationship if parent could join in together. Packaging of 3D felt sticker made it easily to bring along while traveling or dining out. It is also a great choice to be included in birthday packs or as an art work in kindergarten.

Come with 2 designs:
 A - Ocean 
 B - Jungle
Kindly specify the code either (A) or (B) in your order form.

  • Product Code: P0006
  • Age Range: 4-10 years old
  • Product Dimensions: 26cm*21cm 
  • Shipping Weight: +- 100g 
  • Instruction to play:
    • Target one of the image to be pasted. E.g. Octopus
    • Looks for the all the components from different colours of felt based on the reference picture given.
    • Examine the sequence to paste on the image. E.g. Paste the head of the octopus then only the eyes.
    • Peel of the corresponding felt and paste to the image. 
    • NOTE: Some of the felt might not completely crop due to the thickness, please use the scissors to trim it a bit.

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does 3D Felt Sticker helps my child?

   Train your children in coordination of small muscle movements especially fingers
Help your children in building longer concentration time-span.
Train your children logic thinking by sequencing the steps to paste the sticker


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